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Our school is comprised of boys and girls that are taught Arabic, French and English from kindergarten to grade 12.

Our curriculum is based on the new national curriculum.


Our school has a serious and pragmatic view of basic education hence we have established the necessary strategies,processes and procedures towards pedagogue reform..


Our objective is to enrich the knowledge and learning capabilities of our students.Which will result in a positive impact on their achievements and futures. 


Our teachers are encouraged to be creative and responsible to work  on standard criteria of evaluation.



Computer classes are also taught in English from kindergarten, approximately 2- 3 periods per week.


Our educators are licensed and qualified and offer our students the best education, mutual respect and ensure full open communication between student and educators.


Regarding computer classes we ensure and are aligned to and respond to the needs of PS1.Hence we have well equipped computer classrooms (including internet access) that are available to all students.


  We also have a well equipped laboratory, with modern equipment and material.




Our Physical education program contributes to our studentís overall health, strength and flexibility which ensures a well balanced. Our basketball, volleyball, pingpong areas are always available for our students during physical education classes and for extracurricular sport activities.




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