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All  students need to arrive at the school at 7.45am all classes start at 8.00am.


Once  classes have started, teachers are not allowed to admit any late coming students without a signed permission from the administration.


If a student is absent or needs to be absent, the student’s parent (or legal guardian )must contact the school  administration prior to or on the day of absence..



School uniforms are mandatory for all students, this include sports uniforms for physical education classes.

No jewelry (or excessive accessories) of any kind is allowed to be worn.


All  students are expected at all time to be to  attend school in a neat and clean manner (includes hygiene).




The use of cellular phones are prohibited on  school property.

Discs, tapes, electronic devices and non -approved literature are categorically prohibited without express permission from the administration.

Students are covered by the school’s ‘accidental insurance’ policy while in attendance during school hours.



In order to be promoted, a student must meet the following criteria: A minimum general average of:


Primary (EB1 to EB6)                 General average 12/20

Compl. (EB7 to  EB9)                 General average 11/20

Second. (S1 … S3)                     General average 10/20


The following students will be exempt from the final exam period if they have a general average of:


-                      18                      EB1 – EB2 – EB3

17                      EB4 – EB5 – EB6

16                      EB7 – EB8


Report cards must be signed by parent(s) (or legal guardians) and returned.


Disciplinary Measures


Issues with students who chronically disrupt the learning process or repeatedly misbehave in the classroom will be dealt with in a prompt and fair manner.


Parents should sign notices of punishments.


Parent/Teacher Meetings


Parent(s) (or legal guardians) are responsible to follow their childrens’ progress at all levels they also need to guide, assist and support their children to ensure the school’s mission.

A timely letter will be sent to all parents (or legal guardians) informing them of upcoming parent\teacher meeting.


Our school saint Savior School-jeita continually strives towards excellence, we continue to support a community spirit, we help create and mold through   God’s Holy Spirit, future leaders and followers  in the image and likeness of God.





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